Cooler accessories are accessories designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of your cooler. These accessories can help users better manage and organize the contents of the cooler and provide more usage options. Here are some common reefer accessories: Dividers: Dividers can divide the interior space of the refrigerator into different areas, allowing food and beverages to be placed and organized in an orderly manner. This prevents foods from touching each other, maintaining their original taste and quality. Freezer tray: A freezer tray is a specially designed plate that can be placed in the freezer section of a freezer to store and freeze food. This helps extend the shelf life of foods and provides convenient storage of frozen foods. Thermometer: A thermometer is a tool that measures the temperature inside the refrigerator, which helps the user monitor the cooling performance of the refrigerator and ensure that food and beverages are within the proper temperature range. Insulated Bags: An insulated bag is a well-designed bag that can be used to keep food and beverages warm in a Cooler Box. This is great for foods that need to be transported or kept warm for long periods of time, such as hot drinks and meals. Fruit preservation box: The fruit preservation box is a container specially designed for storing and keeping fresh fruits. It can prevent the fruit from external pressure or collision, and provide proper ventilation and humidity to prolong the freshness of the fruit. The existence of refrigerator accessories provides users with more choices and convenience, allowing them to better use the refrigerator. These accessories improve the quality of food and drink storage, allowing users to better manage and organize their contents. Different accessories options can meet the needs and preferences of different users.