Custom KYL54 Camping OEM 54L Beer Ice Cooler Box With Wheel

Short Description:

  • Model: KYL54
  • Capacity: 54L
  • Material: PE, PS
  • Insulation material: PU
  • Outer dimensions: 520*530*360mm
  • Inner dimensions: 450*420*270mm
  • Package size: 510*360*540mm, 1 pcs/carton, PE bag&carton
  • Gross weight/Net weight: 7.8kg/6.8kg
  • 20"/40"/40HQ loading QTY: 275/577/698 cartons
  • Product Detail

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    Product parameters

    cup holder

    cup holder

    keep cold than 72 hours

    keep cold than 72 hours

    metal draw bar

    metal draw bar

    PU insulation layer

    PU insulation layer

    plastic material

    plastic material

    sturdy wheels

    sturdy wheels

    ACVADVB (2)

    food grade materials



    About This Item

    The 54L cooler box is the best option for all of your outdoor needs. Whether you're organizing a picnic, camping vacation, or fishing expedition, it is adaptable and ideal for all your outdoor adventures. Your outdoor activities will be more simpler and more pleasurable thanks to this transportable cooler box with wheels and a pull rod, which also provides remarkable heat preservation for up to 72 hours!

    Product Applications

    It can be difficult to keep your food and beverages cool and fresh during outdoor activities. This problem is addressed by the cooler box, which gives you a dependable and effective solution for all of your outdoor refrigeration demands. Your food and beverages will stay fresh and chilled for days on end thanks to the cooler box's insulated interior, which helps to control the temperature of the contents.

    Product Advantages

    The cooler box is the ideal travel companion for your outdoor adventures because it is loaded with outstanding features. Its mobility, which makes it simple to carry anywhere, is one of its most prominent qualities. It is even more practical because of the pull rod and wheels, which make it simple to move it around your picnic or camping site.

    The cooler box's capacity to retain heat is another noteworthy quality. You may still enjoy your meals even after spending several days in the wilderness because the box is made to retain your food and beverages at the ideal temperature for up to 72 hours. With this function, you can relax knowing that you won't have to bother about buying ice or cooling your food all the time so you can concentrate on enjoying your outdoor excursion to the fullest.

    In conclusion, the cooler box is a good, dependable option for all of your outdoor refrigeration requirements. This adaptable cooler box will keep your food and beverages cold and fresh while enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor activities, whether you're organizing a camping trip, picnic, or fishing adventure. It is the ideal choice for anyone seeking for a premium outdoor cooler box due to its amazing features, which include portability, a pull rod, wheels, and heat preservation for 72 hours.

    Product Features

    casv (1)

       √  Keep both cold and hot, keep cold more than 72 hours.

    casv (2)

       √ Food grade material,Safe,healthy, no peculiar smell.

    casv (3)

       √  Telescoping handle and heavy-duty wheels for easy, reliable transport across almost any terrain.

    casv (1)

       √ Cup holders molded into the lid for easy access to beverages


    casv (4)

       √   Thickened PU foam layer, which has a good heat insulation and cold storage effect.


    casv (5)

       √   One-piece, seamless construction, have no seams to fail, leak-proof


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