Koolyoung Launches Customizable Thermal Insulation Cooler Boxes

Koolyoung launches new generation of insulated cooler boxes, using polyurethane foam material for efficient cold preservation up to 3-4 days
At a press conference today, the well-known lifestyle brand Koolyoung officially launched its latest product – the new generation of insulated cooler boxes. This product offers users a completely new high-quality life experience, distinguished by its unique design and excellent performance. Whichi is widely use in Picnic, Outdoor sports, Camping or Medical transportation.
Koolyoung has always been committed to creating the highest quality products for consumers’ growing needs. The insulating box is the latest product under this brand, using polyurethane foam material, which has excellent heat preservation function and fashionable appearance design.
Whether it’s cold wine or hot food, cooler box can maintain their ideal temperature during a long period of carrying, bringing the ultimate using experience to users. In addition, using polyurethane foam material makes the cold preservation effect better than other normal insulation material.
In addition, Koolyoung also can accept OEM produce cooler boxes such as add logo, making new style of cooler.
Koolyoung has always been committed to improving users’ life quality through innovation and design. The launch of the new generation of insulating boxes is another important milestone for Koolyoung under this goal. We look forward to this product bringing more surprises and convenience to users in the future, and leading a new trend in the market of insulating boxes.
This insulating box is particularly suitable for the following application scenarios:
1. Picnic: When picnicking outdoors, the insulating box can provide long-term heat preservation for your food and drinks, ensuring that you enjoy your meal without worrying about it getting cold during the picnic.
2. Outdoor Sports: For people who love outdoor sports, the insulating box can conveniently carry beverages and snacks, allowing you to enjoy cold drinks or hot drinks during exercise anytime.
3. Camping: When camping in the wild, the insulating box can store your food and drinks for long periods, ensuring that you do not have to worry about food spoilage or drinks getting cold during your camping trip.
4. Office: When used in the office, the insulating box can provide long-term heat preservation for your lunch or coffee, allowing you to enjoy a hot meal while working.
5. Home Kitchen: As a kitchen device, the insulating box can provide convenient heat preservation services for your family, allowing you to enjoy delicious food without having to worry about it getting cold.
No matter which occasion you use this insulating box, it can bring you great convenience and comfort. Let’s look forward to this product leading a new trend in the insulation market in the future!

Post time: Sep-23-2023