Outdoor refrigerated box, refrigerated food for a “cool summer”

Outdoor leisure has developed into a lifestyle pleasure for urban white-collar workers in recent years. Every weekend and holiday, cars depart from the city carrying family or friends to the suburbs, going camping, hiking, barbecue Outdoor activities have developed into a fashionable way of life. With the development of the outdoor leisure industry, it has also driven the development of related industries. The outdoor equipment and outdoor leisure product market are increasingly favored by people. Among them, outdoor insulation boxes have become a regular item for outings, camping, barbecues, and self driving trips.

Have you ever encountered the problem of wanting to drink ice drinks but unable to find a small shop when outdoors? Your own ice drinks quickly returned to normal temperature; When going out for barbecue, carrying the ingredients has become a problem. How to ensure freshness? How do I bring various fruit drinks when going out for a picnic? How to maintain the taste? In fact, all you need is an outdoor portable refrigerated box to solve all the above problems.
KOOLYONG has launched an upgraded series of high-performance refrigerated boxes for outdoor use, featuring an integrated multiple insulation design, innovative design, no need for electricity, energy conservation, environmental protection, and easy portability. The inner layer is made of PP material, which is a food grade material. The inner layer is directly in contact with food, and the safety and health of the material are crucial. PP material is resistant to both cold and high temperatures, with stable performance and no water absorption; PU foam material in the middle layer, and carbamate is an ideal thermal insulation material for refrigeration equipment, with outstanding temperature locking effect; Outer layer: PE (polyethylene) material protective shell, with good mechanical properties, strong impact resistance, green and environmentally friendly. This combination structure not only ensures the overall robustness and insulation, but also achieves the lightweight of the box, making it easy to travel.


This new series has multiple capacity sizes of 5L/13L/20L/27L for you to choose from, with fashionable and sporty colors available. Compared to the old model, there are many details to upgrade, and the surface of the box is designed with cup holder hole positions and scales, making it suitable for temporary desktop use. It is very friendly for placing cups and beverages in outdoor environments and measuring sizes for fishing. The built-in ice box provides better battery life, and the plastic buckle of the 13L/20L/27L insulation box has been upgraded to a metal buckle, which is corrosion resistant, rust resistant, safe, and durable. It can be said that it is different from ordinary refrigerated containers. The highly attractive and sturdy refrigerated box is a powerful ally for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and sports.

KOOLYOUNG refrigerated and insulated box manufacturer can customize according to needs, with free design and perfect after-sales service. We can customize refrigerated and insulated boxes, food insulated boxes, cold chain transportation insulated boxes, etc. according to customer needs. Welcome to consult!


Post time: Jun-26-2023