OEM KY125B 25L Shoulder Type Blood Medical Transportation Vaccine Cooler box

Short Description:

  • Model: KY125B
  • Capacity: 25L
  • Material: PP
  • Insulation material: PU or EPS
  • Outer dimensions: 465x307x350mm
  • Inner dimensions: 402x238x288mm
  • Package size: 475x315x365mm, 1pcs/carton, PE bag&carton
  • Gross weight/Net weight: 5.3kg/4.8kg per carton(including 2 pieces 600ml ice gel packs)
  • 20"/40"/40HQ loading QTY: 502/1059/1235artons
  • Advantages: ** Cold sustainable more than 96 hours ** Durable construction resists scratching. ** Locking-tight lid ** Extra-thick insulation ensures superior thermal retention.
  • Product Detail

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    Product parameters

    ccavavb (6)

    sturdy handle

    ACVAVAV (8)

    wear resistant anti-collision

    ACVAVAV (7)


    acasvas (5)

    no power required



    plastic material

    Plastic material

    strong bearing capacity

    Strong bearing capacity



    About This Item

    Because there was an unexpected power outage at home, are you concerned that the food in the refrigerator would spoil? This 25L refrigerator The process used to construct the insulation layer on residential refrigerators is similar to that used to manufacture the PU foaming insulation layer, which has an overall average thickness of 4CM. Thanks to the cooling effect, which can last up to 72 hours, the insulation time, which is 12 hours, and the lack of any electricity consumption, true source-saving insulation is accomplished. Our entire product line has passed FDA food grade testing in the US, and the full PP food grade inner liner can be used in contact with food without any danger. With your active help, every component was chosen.

    Our 25L cooler box is designed to cater to all your needs for medical supplies storage and transportation. It is perfect for storing and moving medical supplies like vaccines, insulin, or other temperature-sensitive items that require constant heat or cold to keep their potency. With its exceptional features of portability, durability, and superior insulation, our cooler is the essential accessory for medical practitioners and health enthusiasts.

    Product Advantages

    Our cooler is designed to provide maximum performance and durability while maintaining optimal temperature control for your medical supplies. It offers several advantages that differentiate it from competitors in the market such as:

    1. Superior Insulation: Our cooler features a high-density PU foam insulation layer that ensures excellent heat or cold retention. This top-quality insulation layer can maintain its temperature for up to 72 hours, ensuring that your medical supplies are always in optimal condition.

    2. Portable and Durable: Our cooler is lightweight and comes with sturdy handles that make it easy to carry and move. It has a robust construction that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring that your medical supplies stay protected and fresh.

    3. Customizable and Multi-Functional: Our cooler comes in different sizes, and it can be easily customized to meet your specific medical supply needs. It is a versatile product that can also be used for outdoor activities like camping, fishing or as a tailgate cooler.

    4. Secure and Easy to Clean: Our cooler has a tight-sealing lid that keeps the contents secure and protected from any external exposure. It is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your medical supplies are stored in a hygienic environment.

    Product Features

    12 (1)

       √    Keep both cold and hot, keep cold more than 72 hours.

    12 (2)

       √   Food grade material,Safe,healthy, no peculiar smell.


       √    Meet the basic requirements of cold chain transportation and storage of vaccines.


       √   Portable design , detachable shoulder strap.


       √    Thickened PU foam layer, which has a good heat insulation and cold.


       √    One-piece, seamless construction, have no seams to fail, leak-proof.

    Product Application

    Our cooler is specifically designed for medical use and is perfect for storing and moving medical supplies that require temperature control. It is ideal for storing vaccines, insulin, and other temperature-sensitive medical items that need to be protected from heat or cold. The cooler is also suitable for transporting living cells, organs, and other medical samples that require constant temperature control.


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