Wholesale KY52 52L PU Insulated Custom Beer Ice Box Summer Cooler

Short Description:

  • Model: K52
  • Capacity: 52L
  • Material: HDPE
  • Insulation material: PU
  • Outer dimensions: 680x370x370mm
  • Inner dimensions: 600x280x330mm
  • Package size: 695x380x395mm, 1 pcs/carton, PE bag&carton
  • Gross weight/Net weight: 6.5kg/5.5kg
  • 20"/40"/40HQ loading QTY: 257/496/643cartons
  • Advantages: ** Cold sustainable more than 48 hours ** Durable construction resists scratching. ** Drip-resistant spigot; locking-tight lid ** Extra-thick insulation ensures superior thermal retention.
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    wear resistant anti-collision

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    sturdy handle

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    no power required

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    fresh transportation

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    food grade materials

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    cold and hot insulation

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    keep cold than 72 hours

    About This Item

    The conventional cooler is here to make your next outing better, whether it's a backyard barbecue or a vacation to a lakeside campsite. This hard cooler is ideal in every way, including its appealing design and useful functions. PU foam insulation layers of the KOOLYOUNG 52L passive insulation refrigerated box are typically 4CM thick. The PU foam approach is identical to the insulation layer found in most of our home freezers, with chilling effects lasting up to 72 hours, insulation lasting for 12 hours, and the capacity to accomplish actual source-saving insulation without consuming even a single degree of power. The full PP food grade container can be brought into the country without risk because all of our products have passed FDA food grade testing in the US.

    For individuals who need to transport food while keeping it nice and fresh, whether they are going camping, having a picnic outside, or taking a lengthy road trip, our 52L cooler box is ideal. Our cooler box is the perfect option for anyone wishing to transport food effectively and safely because it is made of high-quality materials and is built to last.

    Product advantage

    Product Advantages: Our cooler box offers several advantages compared to other products on the market, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to transport food in a safe and efficient manner. Some of the key advantages of our cooler box include:

    1.High-Quality Materials: Our cooler box is constructed from first-rate materials, guaranteeing its sturdiness and longevity. While the plastic material used to build the cooler box is scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and able to survive tough outdoor situations, the PU insulation layer offers great insulation to keep your food chilled.

    2. adjustable: Our cooler box can be altered to suit your unique requirements because it is adjustable. To accommodate varying food amounts, we provide a variety of sizes, and for an added touch of professionalism, we can personalize the cooler with your company's name or emblem.

    3. Multipurpose: Our cooler box is multipurpose and suitable for a variety of uses. Our cooler is made to be utilized in a variety of situations, including camping and family road vacations.

    4. Simple to use: Our cooler box is simple to use and doesn't need an external power source. Simply place your meal inside the box, secure the top, and it will keep your food chilled for a long time.

    Product Features

    Wholesale KY52 52L PU Insulated Custom Beer Ice Box Summer Cooler (2)

       √     Maintain a constant temperature of cold for over 72 hours.

    avava (2)

       √    Food-grade materials that are secure, healthy, and odorless.

    avava (3)

       √    Reinforced handle for simple transport.

    avava (4)

       √    The full-length, auto-stop hinge may prevent excessive box cover rotation and damage.

    avava (5)

       √    The box's exterior has a water stopper that makes it simple to drain any melted ice water.

    avava (6)

       √    One-piece, seamless design, leak-proof construction with no vulnerable seams.

    Product Application

    Our cooler box is made specifically for transporting food, preserving its freshness and ensuring its safety for consumption. Fresh meats, dairy items, fruits, vegetables, and anything else that has to be maintained at a cold temperature to preserve freshness are all excellent candidates for transportation in this manner. Camping, outdoor gatherings, tailgating, and other outdoor activities are just a few of the occasions where you should use our cooler.

    Wholesale KY52 52L PU Insulated Custom Beer Ice Box Summer Cooler (1)
    Wholesale KY52 52L PU Insulated Custom Beer Ice Box Summer Cooler (2)

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